Watch Faraday Future’s Prototype Beat Ferrari, Model X, And Bentley

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After teasing us with the series of drag races between their electrified prototype ...

After teasing us with the series of drag races between their electrified prototype and the Tesla Model X, Bentley Bentayga and the Ferrari 488 trio, Faraday Future is now ready to give us the taste of their performance.

The venue for these so-called powertrain tests is the testing ground in Irwindale, California, where the FF prototype looked to put a Bentayga, the Model X and the 488 Italian supercar to shame in the straight line.

So could it really be that easy? Well, according to the Faraday Future VP of propulsion engineering, Peter Savagian, it’s simple math really.

Initially, they went from the 4-second 0-60 mph (96km/h) sprint time to 3.4 seconds, and then to somewhere below 3 seconds – and which is where you want to be.

During the video, you will here that it’s all down to torque and mass, so if Faraday Future can build the lighter car than the Model X, with more torque being sent to the wheels, mathematically it’s going to be winning the whole bunch of drag races, even against Ludicrously fast rivals.

So yeah, time for you to see just how quickly this thing takes off.

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