Watch This Volkswagen Review And Start Loving Golf R A Lot

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So, the Volkswagen Golf R or the Ford Focus RS? What would you rather have!? These ...

So, the Volkswagen Golf R or the Ford Focus RS? What would you rather have!? These two represent the fastest and the quickest from their companies in terms of hot-hatches and they are both awesome.

Now, Eddie from the EddieX youTube channel gave a fine bashing to the Volkswagen Golf R and released a fine review of the thing.

The car is fast, refined and rather lovely. However, the one you are seeing here isn’t exactly stock. It has a mod improving the power from 292hp to incredible 370hp. Paired with all wheel drive and fantastic DSG transmission, the engine can definitely launch the thing to a speed in incredibly short time.

Eddie did compare it with the Focus RS a few times and we have to ask is this, loaded and tuned one, better than the Focus RS!?

As it turns out, in many aspects it is and most importantly, it looks like a grown up car and not like a teen dream with massive numbers, insane wings, and other not-so-classy stuff.

So, we urge you to watch the Golf R review and definitely think about Golf when buying hot hatches. This thing is seriously awesome, and incredibly fast.

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