Witness The Impressive Rescue Of 158,800 lbs Komatsu HD785-5

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Boy, how did we end up here? To tell you the truth, we aren’t completely ...

Boy, how did we end up here? To tell you the truth, we aren’t completely sure. The video creators haven’t explained the causes that led to this accident, but it must have been something big. Seriously, how much of a genius do you have to be in order to flip over this massive machine? You think that we are being too cruel here? Well, take into consideration that Komatsu HD785-5 dump truck you are about to see weighs 158,800 lbs, and that is without the added load! It is pure luck that it didn’t fall apart after rolling over.

Still, the real question here is, how do you turn this behemoth back on its feet? After checking out these guys in action, we somehow doubt that this their first rodeo. It seems like they have been here already quite a few times, as they knew exactly what they were doing, and the execution was flawless.

All jokes aside, what these workers were able to do was very impressive, and we have to take our hat off for their effort. You don’t even have to be a fan of heavy machinery in order to appreciate their endeavor. Go ahead and click on the video below. You won’t be disappointed.

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