WTF? Road-Legal Upside Down Ford Truck Is Both Creative And Dumb!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Want a weird yet awesome build that can get you looking even while driving? ...

Want a weird yet awesome build that can get you looking even while driving? Here’s one such build and it’s a drivable upside down Ford truck that’ll leave anyone amazed and filled with a bunch of “WTF?” in their minds.

Anything can be sure possible when a skilled mechanic gets bored and gets hit by an idea that’s rather different and odd. Rick, who got called to rescue a Ford Ranger that rolled over on its top in around 10 inches of snow, was suddenly hit by the idea of creating something of the same look. It was that very moment that he got inspired to make an upside down vehicle and boy, he really did end up with one.

His truck is a road-legal upside down 1991 Ford Ranger pickup with a flipped-over body out of a 1995 Ford F-150. It took him 6 months and $6000 cash to finish the build. And it attracts a lot of eyes I wonder if it may become a rolling catastrophe for other drivers. Well, can’t blame them for turning a head though.

Stupid? Dumb? It may be is, but what remains a fact is it’s sure cool and creative! Check it out too through the video below.

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