Zumwalt Class USS Navy Destroyer Is So Powerful It Will Frighten You!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Yep, I realize that this United States Destroyer ...

Yep, I realize that this United States Destroyer looks like a ship that only exists in the movies, but the truth is that this Zumwalt class destroyer is 100% real and patrolling the world’s oceans as I write this. And, the video above of this amazing destroyer that is the world’s most expensive and most powerful destroyer is absolutely stunning! Click play and check out the Zumwalt class destroyers’ stealthy exterior, a pair of 155mm cannons that can reach out and touch the enemy from far, far away! And, giving this amazing naval vessel an even longer range is its collection of two dozen Tomahawk missiles, 16 LRASM, 16 Harpoon missiles, 64 quad packed Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles and 16 RIM-161 standard missiles. A few of its other weapons include the RAIL gun, some smaller cannons, and a laser system.    

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